AARP Poll Shows Older Voters May Decide Georgia Runoff

With the Georgia runoff between Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock and Republican Herschel Walker less than two weeks ago, there is a huge divide between younger and older voters.

AARP Georgia released key findings from a 2022 runoff poll showing that candidates should pay close attention to Georgians aged 50 and older, with a focus on issues such as inflation and rising prices, threats to democracy, and Social Security and Medicare for these voters.

Warnock, who is trying to retain the seat he won in a 2020 runoff, leads the ex-footballer by 24 percentage points among voters 18-49.

Meanwhile, Walker leads the senator by 9 points among voters over 50.
Overall, the AARP poll shows Warnock has a 51% to 47% lead over Walker.

The big mountain for Democrats is Walker’s 55% to 42% lead among voters over 65, and Walker’s 51% to 47% lead among voters 50 to 64.

AARP found that people aged 50 and older account for 62% of likely runoff voters.
Warnock continues to enjoy a commanding 83-point lead among black voters aged 50 and over.