Archer Aviation selects Georgia location for eVTOL manufacturing facility

LONDON – Archer Aviation Inc., the manufacturer of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, today announced plans to locate its new Covington, Georgia manufacturing facility at a location adjacent to Covington Municipal Airport.

Archer plans to initially build a 350,000-square-foot facility on a 96-acre site capable of producing up to 650 aircraft per year.

jobs and growth

The planned production facility for eVTOL aircraft should create over 1,000 jobs in the long term. Construction is expected to be completed in the first half of 2024, with initial production expected to begin in the second half of 2024.

The facility can be expanded by an additional 550,000 square feet, which is estimated to support production of up to 2,300 aircraft per year.

In selecting the location for its initial manufacturing facility, Archer conducted an extensive research of potential locations in the United States.

Key considerations included the availability of talent in the local labor market, availability of utilities, ability to conduct seamless flight test operations, construction costs, and logistics. Archer will receive an incentive package that includes land transfers, tax incentives and Georgia’s REBA grant.

As Archer seeks to build its community-centric relationships in Georgia, it expects funding for the project will come from Synovus, the state’s largest headquartered bank.

Archer Aviation CEO Statement

“After many months of discussion and evaluation, we are pleased to select Georgia as the location for our manufacturing facility,” he said Adam Goldstein, CEO of Archer“The US has long been a world leader in aerospace technology, and Georgia has played a critical role in that industry.”

“Our eVTOL technology can transform the way urban and rural communities live and commute, and this factory can create pathways to high-skill manufacturing jobs and other leaders in social and economic opportunity.”

“I am grateful to Governor Kemp, along with Bob Kosek, Sara Gershon, Serra Hall, Frank Turner and their teams, and all my colleagues at Archer for working together to advance these innovative aerospace technologies.”

Opinion on the location decision Georgia, Gov. Brian P. Kemp commented, “Georgia has made fostering innovation a priority as we work with businesses to define the future.”

“Our established leadership position in the aerospace industry was instrumental in landing Archer Aviation in Newton County.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Archer to the state of Georgia, where they can take advantage of our unique Quick Start employee training program to advance over 1,000 long-term positions in Covington.”

Home to more than 800 aerospace companies, Georgia maintains a solid aerospace education pipeline with a dozen high schools offering education in the field, five polytechnics with aeronautical programs, and several universities offering degrees in aerospace engineering.

A strategic arm of the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the Georgia Center of Innovation for Aerospace has been cultivating an ecosystem of opportunities for innovative companies like Archer for more than 10 years.

About Archer Aviation

Archer designs and develops electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft for use in urban air mobility networks. Archer’s mission is to unlock the skies and give everyone the freedom to re-imagine how they move and spend time. Archer’s team is based in Santa Clara, CA.