Barack Obama to Run in Georgia December 1 as Raphael Warnock Leads Herschel Walker in Runoff | Toby Haslewood

Warnock leads Walker with 51% to 47%

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On November 21, it was reported that former President Barack Obama will be running again for Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock before the state runoffs. The visit is scheduled to take place on December 1st.

Democrats will hope that Obama’s visit will be enough to persuade Georgia voters to put their trust in Raphael Warnock this time. And now a poll by AARP shows Warnock has a small lead over Walker when early voting begins.

Warnock leads Walker with 51% to 47%.

Obama returns to Georgia

Obama was last campaigning in Georgia at the end of October. At the time, he delivered a scathing speech in which he questioned Herschel Walker’s ability and ability to hold a high-profile role in public office.

Commenting on Walker – the former NFL star – Obama was particularly sharp in his assessment of the Republican’s motivations and the possible consequences if he were to win:

“Seems to me he’s a celebrity who wants to be a politician. We’ve seen how it’s done.”

It was a clear reference to Republican President Donald Trump, who was similarly inexperienced in public service before running for the White House.

Obama continued:

“There is very little evidence that he has shown any interest, has made the effort to learn about public service or volunteering, or has shown any inclination or to help people in any way. At least we don’t really know about it makes you suspicious.”

Walker hits back

After Obama’s remarks, Walker wasted no time in responding to Obama’s remarks and pointing out his other accomplishments in life aside from being a professional athlete.

“I started companies; I sit on a publicly traded board of directors. So those are things I’ve done outside of football. Compare my CV with his CV. I put it up any time of the day and I think I’ve done well.”

The back-and-forth between Obama and Walker wasn’t the only factor at play, but despite various polls showing the gap between the two candidates was changing, the election itself was incredibly close, with neither candidate more than 50% of the votes achieved voting.

Georgia’s Republicans want to keep Trump out

One thing that unites both Republicans and Democrats is that both are very keen on keeping Donald Trump out.

On November 20, it emerged that senior Republicans in the state were keen to keep Donald Trump away before the runoff, believing that any campaign visit from him would likely divert attention from the issue at hand.

Since the former president announced his candidacy for one term, both conservative news media and Republican politicians and mega-donors have distanced themselves from Trump. Only figures like Georgia’s controversial Republican Marjorie Taylor-Greene seem unfailingly loyal to Trump.

It suggests Republicans across the country are losing faith in Trump and fear his style of political campaigning will hurt others in the party.

Time will tell if Obama’s campaign visit to the Peach State will help the Democrats secure another Senate seat.

Do you think that if Barack Obama were to appear, voters would change their minds? Do you think the result of the runoff will see Walker or Warnock emerge victorious? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.