Cotton is a big deal in Georgia

First it’s white, then it’s red, in five days it’s dead. My grandfather used to tell me this saying that he remembered growing up on a farm where cotton was king. My family rode into Savannah to stay with friends last weekend and the cotton fields were plentiful. I know cotton well because my first job out of agricultural college was working for a cotton company in Burke County.

Cotton is so rich in history but also huge to Georgia’s economy.

Next to poultry, cotton is our most important raw material in terms of value in Georgia, with an annual production of between 750 million and 1 billion US dollars. Poultry may be king in Georgia, but cotton is at least queen or a high-ranking prince.

The process of growing and harvesting cotton is interesting and worth sharing.

Cotton is grown from seeds planted from mid-April to early June. The plants will germinate and grow into a shrub-like plant in the 3 to 5 foot range, and in eight to nine weeks you will be singing my grandfather’s song.