Dynamic unknown junior EDGE accepts ‘crazy’ offer from Georgia Football

As of this morning, there wasn’t even a prospect page for him on the major recruitment agencies. That has never stopped him from dreaming like all other children.

Now he has hope. Hoping to one day catch up with his hard working mom at the beauty salon.

Hope chasing away a few dark days after an eviction as he plays on a talented team and awaits an offer to come his way.

I hope he now has the educational piece that will get him closer to his dream of becoming a commercial pilot now that his days of falling quarterbacks are over.

The 6-foot-4.5, 220-pounder now has two offerings. Indiana came out of the blue on October 10th. Nothing else came right after that.

Until last night.

Christopher “CJ” Jackson received an offer from the defending champion and the top-ranked Georgia Bulldogs late Thursday night.

“Not even ranked and now I have an offer for Georgia,” Jackson said. “This is crazy. This is just crazy.”

He plans to visit Clemson this weekend. Jackson will also be in Athens for the Georgia Tech game next week.

These stories still make this high-stakes wild west world of recruiting coverage very sweet. And yet special and timeless.

Check out this youth film.

Be sure to notice the obvious talent and size, speed, length and explosion.

In a world where players get the leaderboards and deals before they stack anywhere near that level of production, it feels good to write about the CJ Jacksons of the world.

They are still hoping and waiting to be found. Jackson stacked 11 sacks this fall at that height and weight. He made it in 10 games in the middle of a big media market in Atlanta.

But he remained hidden for so long.

Jackson was on an invited Parkview team last fall. Those players are now 5-star junior Mike Matthews, 4-star junior Jalyn Crawford and 3-star senior Zion Taylor. They were all there alongside many other college prospects.

“Last year was crazy,” he said. “I think my film that came out of Parkview last year was good enough. I felt like I had what it takes to be where I’m trying to be right now. But it didn’t come. So I kept my head down. kept grinding. Came back home. Tucker was where I originally went to middle school and all that.”

He can’t honestly say he knew it was going to be like this.

“Keep my nose down,” he said. “Grind. Really just look at it. It’s amazing, man. Not to say I knew it was coming, but I believe hard work pays off and it sure is paying off now.”

Jackson started at Parkview in 2021. He played at 205 pounds. He was in rotation but then added about 15 pounds of good weight and muscle to his physique for this fall.

He looked like an All-American this fall. He was also invited to the 2024 Under Armor All-American Game this morning. It’s just so obvious what he can do on Saturdays.

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Unrated EDGE CJ Jackson plays for Tucker High School. He just received an offer from UGA this week. (A SCOOT JAWN/Photo Courtesy)

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CJ Jackson: What this Georgia football offer means to him now

Georgia outside linebackers coach Chidera Uzo-Diribe offered him Thursday night at eight.

It was something he and his mother, Karima Jackson, will never forget.

“My mom and I actually cried together,” Jackson said. “All the sacrifices she made. All the hard work we put in. I couldn’t hold her back. We just let them out. We hugged for a good five, six or seven minutes just by hugging directly and just dislocating our eyes. It was just that kind of time for us.”

Jackson knows the supply is great in Georgia. He may be new to all this big boy recruitment stuff, but he’s wise enough to know that this offer from Dawg will open all doors.

“It’s a bit of both for me,” he says. “Just being from here and growing up and watching Georgia, everyone from here wants to be a part of it. So it’s like the supply is huge. But at the same time, Georgia’s offer means that once Georgia has made an offer, you know everyone else is behind it.

“At the end of the day it’s Georgia but the feeling is a little bit of both for me at the moment.”

Jackson grew up a Georgia fan. Clemson and Ohio State were two other schools on his radar. It sounds like these schools, should they offer it, will no doubt get a lot of attention. He’s already familiar with the aviation program at Ohio State.

He did not play his freshman year at Parkview because he transferred too late to qualify. That was also in the middle of the recruitment cycle of the pandemic. It helps explain why he’s been under the radar for so long.

“I’ve been through so much during that time at home,” Jackson said. “It was just me keeping myself motivated and positive when I finally got these unexpected blessings. You never take her for granted. You stay hungry when this happens to you. It makes you want to work a lot harder.”

“Much more difficult. Much much harder.”

Uzo-Diribe told him that he liked his explosiveness and speed off the ball. The ‘Dawgs feel he can play from a two-point or three-point stance.

“Like a hybrid,” Jackson said. “These hybrid EDGE guys you see these days. Just like my way of chasing the quarterback and my bend. Not a lot of guys coming out of high school have that bend.”

He said he “can’t wait to get up there and experience Athens next weekend”.

“You will definitely be in the middle of my recruiting thoughts,” Jackson said. “It’s Georgia. To bid for a team like this I’ve never seen in person. Only from my movie. I definitely have respect for that and it’s just Georgia and her believing in me and my abilities because they haven’t even seen me in person.”

“I’ll definitely never forget that.”

Brandon Lang, his defensive coordinator and positional coach, is a Tucker graduate student. He played college ball at Troy and spent a year in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers.

“He emphasizes flex and he’s been at that level and he’s been in the league and we trust him for that,” Jackson said. “We’re really working on that.”

Former Georgia DB Glenn Ford was among many others a mentor and coach. He also brought up local coach LaShae Lowe. He is grateful for all of their help in getting to this point.

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Unrated EDGE CJ Jackson plays for Tucker High School. He just received an offer from UGA this week. (A SCOOT JAWN/Photo Courtesy)

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CJ Jackson: He wants to take care of his mother

“My why is my mom, man,” Jackson said. “She has done so much for me. Moving to the Parkview neighborhood was tough. As I said, I’m not from there and living there is expensive. As a single mom, I just watched her do it all on her own. Watching her do it for me and my little sister just makes me hard.”

When he comes home, he sees how tired she is. Your hands. Her feet.

“It makes me want to do more to get us out of this situation,” Jackson said. “I’m not saying it’s a really bad situation because my mom really makes it work. She makes it work very well, but look how hard she works. your drive. She is a beautician. she does hair When I see how hard she works, it’s like if she can, I can do it for us too.”

“On days I don’t want to get up. Days when I don’t want to exercise. She uses her hands all day and stands on her feet all day. I’m just like, ‘man, if she can do it then I sure can do it’ for us.”

The low point may have been his sophomore year. They were evicted from their home.

“That didn’t stop her,” he said. “She didn’t stop her one bit. She kept going and I looked at her and wondered how she would react.”

Jackson was 15 years old. The football offers weren’t there yet.

It was hard. There is no other way to describe these times.

“Mom kept grinding,” Jackson said. “She said, ‘We have to do this. There are no excuses. Life will throw things at you. You just gotta keep going’ and we did. We kept grinding. I feel like if I didn’t have them I wouldn’t even be where I am now.”

When his active days are over, he plans to become a commercial pilot. He wants to study aviation at college. His grandmother was a flight attendant, so he was a little exposed to that life at an impressive age.

“I grew up flying on the planes and getting the little needles from the pilot,” Jackson said. “I thought, ‘Damn, I want to do that for someone like Delta or some other airline someday. Travel the world.”

He was No. 21 at Parkview. but moved up to No. 7 for the season.

“It’s a lucky number, but not to say it was just luck here,” Jackson said. “But we might need some luck. Lucky number 7 only. I just feel like this was my year the way it all turned out.”

“Sometimes you’re in the perfect situation in life, but you don’t even know it. That’s what happened to me this year with the lucky seven.”

Jackson’s future declines. He’s on his way to wearing this Delta cap one day. There’s a clever line we can all think of with this symmetry.

The young linebacker with all the promises in the world now sees it confirmed.

Unrated EDGE CJ Jackson plays for Tucker High School. He just received an offer from UGA this week. (A SCOOT JAWN/Photo Courtesy)

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