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EAMC Alabama-Georgia Hospital Auxiliary hosts annual Tree of Lights fundraiser

Published 9:30 am Wednesday 23 November 2022

EAMC Alabama-Georgia Hospital Auxiliary hosts its annual Tree of Lights fundraiser for new hospital lobby furniture. The AL-GA charity is currently mailing out donation forms and the deadline for making a donation in honor of a loved one is December 16th.

“Over the years there was some uncertainty as to whether we would keep the hospital here in our community,” said Kristin Nelson, Assistant Board Member, EAMC Lanier Hospital. “The value tax allowed us to do that, and we are very grateful for that. But there are also other needs and costs that we can support through our fundraisers.”

The money raised will go toward the purchase of equipment and other needs of the hospital or nursing home. This year the donations will go towards buying new furniture for the new hospital lobby.

“The services are all based on the support of the community and our hospital gift shop,” said AL-GA Aid President Ashley Beck. “The Tree of Life donations received from the community all go back to the hospital here in the Valley.”

According to Beck, last year’s donations from Tree of Lights went toward the purchase of new laundry carts for the nursing home as part of its renovation. In 2020, donations from AL-GA Auxiliary helped purchase a 3D mammography machine for the hospital.

“So that this service could be provided to our community without them having to go to Opelika or Auburn,” Beck said. “That’s how our community keeps it here and doesn’t have to travel outside of the area.”

The Tree of Lights will be placed at the main entrance of the hospital. The lights decorated on it depend on the amount of the donation provided. White light dispensers cost $5. Red lights are $10, green lights are $25, blue lights are $50, and yellow lights are $75. Starlight is for donations of $100 or more.

Donations can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one. When these donations are received, the aide will send a notification to the honored person’s address before Christmas.

“We do that every Christmas,” Nelson said. “And it just gives people an opportunity to send money to the hospital worker and honor someone’s memory.”