Georgia guard Terry Roberts shines after a short absence from the team

About two weeks ago, Georgia Guard TerryRoberts on leave from the team just a few days before the start of the season. Roberts returned in time for the team’s season opener and on Monday we showed all viewers what the Bradley transfer can bring to the table.

Roberts had a quiet first half for Georgia against Miami (OH) before taking his game up a notch in the final 20 minutes, scoring 17 points on 4-of-9 shooting to take the game with 22 points as a team-high to end. Roberts’ play proved late in the going for Georgia’s clutch as he and freshman forward KyeRon Lindsay were responsible for 17 straight points for the Bulldogs as they fended off the RedHawks in a 77-70 win.

Roberts acknowledged his game after the fact, but made it clear that he and his teammates are just getting started.

“It was cool to put in such a good performance,” said Roberts, who also had 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals. “My teammates helped me a lot. You know it’s just fine. I’m not really happy about that, you know? It’s just the next game, you know?”

Roberts spoke briefly about what he’s been dealing with during his absence, saying he’s going through some personal things but is feeling better now. He credited the entire team for helping him after he resigned and said Georgia’s players and coaches were in constant communication with him while he was away.

mike white expressed his support for Roberts when he told reporters on November 2 that the senior was taking some time off. White was asked Monday about his confidence in including Roberts back in the lineup immediately upon his return to the team, and the Bulldogs’ first-year head coach said he had no hesitation in doing so.

He was really good at practice. The surprising thing about Terry is that he had such a productive game in Game 4 – Game 5, you know, with an exhibition and a scrimmage,” White said. “In training he was always one of our top performers. Super competitive, he’s obviously great length for his position, probably our best passer, can play the ball, can pass the ball.

“He’s a good player and of course he was happy for him but Terry only cares about winning so he’s happy we won whether he had 22 or 6.”

Roberts said his move to Georgia was great, adding that it’s a lot warmer than Peoria, Illinois – where he previously played at Bradley – and that being in Georgia means living in a great city and watching a great football team . He explained that he was drawn to Georgia because of the family atmosphere he felt from White and his staff and the chance to help the Bulldogs make a step forward after a sad 2021-22 season.

Roberts also referenced his relationship with Georgia Guard Kario Oquendowith whom Roberts played at Florida SouthWestern.

“[Kario and I] talked a lot because when I entered the portal I think he was still here and he entered the portal at the same time. We just talked about it,” Roberts said. “I told him I like Coach White. He told me he liked Coach White. You know, we just felt it together and finally decided to come here.”

Roberts attributed Monday’s strong finish to a team effort, noting that the Bulldogs realized Miami was struggling to stop one of their offensive plays so they kept executing it. Roberts used Monday’s game as an opportunity to show off his skills and he’s hoping for more of the same in the future.

“You know, my teammates have helped me, my coaching staff have trained me properly and I like how things are going so far,” Roberts said.