Georgia man sentenced to 15 years in prison for escaping and aggravated assault with vehicle

A Georgia man was sentenced Tuesday to a total of 15 years at the Arkansas Department of Justice and five years probation after pleading guilty to fleeing in a vehicle and committing two counts of grievous bodily harm with a vehicle.

Christopher Dungan, 24, of Augusta, GA, was arrested on April 10, 2022 after a high-speed chase with Union County Sheriff’s Deputies.

According to court records, on April 10, deputies responded to a call regarding a hit-and-run accident on Highway 82.

The crash victim told deputies the vehicle that hit him was a black Nissan Altima with “the bumper hanging off the vehicle” traveling west on Highway 82.

While discussing the vehicle’s possible direction at a nearby weigh station, deputies saw the suspect driving past them “at high speed” on Highway 82 westbound. MPs tracked the vehicle and speeds reached “more than 100 miles per hour”.

A deputy “went to the forefront of the pursuit” to prevent the suspect vehicle from entering the El Dorado exits. The MP noticed a woman in the passenger seat of the vehicle who was “very upset and… yelling at the driver of the car”.

According to court documents, the driver — later identified as Dungan — “turned around” the MP, who was driving parallel to his vehicle, and “deliberately swerved, striking the passenger side” of the MP’s vehicle, causing the MP’s vehicle to “lift off the rear.” became”. axis in the air.”

Dungan then allegedly struck the MP’s vehicle again, causing “severe damage” to the MP’s vehicle and causing Dungan himself to lose control of his vehicle and crashing into a concrete median on the highway. 167

After his arrest, Dungan reportedly gave police “numerous false names”. After his release from South Arkansas Medical Center, Dungan’s identity was verified at the Union County Jail. It was discovered that he also had active warrants for his grievous bodily harm in Georgia.

Officers also found drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, including a small bag of white residue, a cut straw, a syringe and a glass pipe, court filings say.

Dungan pleaded guilty on Tuesday on one of 13 plea bargainsth Assistant District Attorney Carla Gibson and his defense attorney David Cason. According to court documents, Dungan received 10 years in prison on the charge of escaping in a vehicle, five years in prison on one of the counts of aggravated assault with a vehicle, and five years on probation on the second count of the suspended sentence.

Dungan appeared in the courtroom of Division 4’s 13th Circuit on Tuesday.