Georgia starts election test with a roll of the dice

ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia election officials held a dice roll at the state Capitol on Wednesday to initiate a scrutiny of votes in the recent secretary of state election.

One by one, people, chosen at random from a basket of names, came to a table and rolled a 10-sided die. A total of 20 dice were rolled, generating a number that was fed into a computer to determine which vote stacks counties must count as part of the exam.

The audit is based on a 2019 law, not concerns about issues or the integrity of the state’s election results. Even-year general elections require an examination for a race selected by the Secretary of State. It must be completed before voting results are confirmed.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced last week that he would be selecting his breed for testing. Raffensperger, a Republican, beat Democratic House Representative Bee Nguyen.

Officials say the goal of the audit is to verify that the outcome of the election of the foreign secretary was correct and to boost confidence in the election in general.