Georgia’s running backs plan to match Kentucky’s physicality on Saturday

However, Kentucky’s defense is very similar to Georgia’s, according to running back Kenny McIntosh and center Sedrick Van Pran, so the Bulldogs will likely use that to their advantage when they travel to Lexington on Saturday.

“It’s really a blessing for us to be able to face (a similar defense) every day,” said McIntosh. “They can plug holes, but our linebackers do the same. So we’re used to it. We practiced that all spring and summer. So it won’t be anything different or new that we haven’t already seen. The defensive coaches and the offensive coaches have definitely put us in the right position.”

Junior running back Kendall Milton, who missed a couple of weeks in October with a groin injury, could be an important Saturday. He played in his last two games against Tennessee and Mississippi State, but he has yet to return to his pre-injury form.

Before his injury, he was averaging over 67 yards per game. Since his return, he has rushed for just 49 yards in two games with eight carries.

He broke away for a 34-yard touchdown against Mississippi State and showed a glimpse of getting back into the pace of things.

“It definitely does a lot in the running back room,” McIntosh said, referring to what Milton’s return means for the team. β€œHe’s a physical runner. He will come down. He’ll be the one to get those tough yards when we need them.”

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However, with Milton still not 100%, the Bulldogs could look to use their depth as an advantage and look back to another power to rise as well.

Branson Robinson on the fourth string doesn’t have the same performance as he did midseason when Milton went down. But there’s a possibility that offensive coordinator Todd Monken will choose to use Robinson’s abilities as a power reverse to counter Kentucky’s physicality.

“He’s a physically tough runner,” McIntosh said of Robinson. “He will always be like this. Everything he does will be physical. Just seeing him go because he wasn’t always down or making mistakes (was good). The game slows down for him. He sees a lot of different defenses.”

Regardless of what offensive focus they bring to the game, the Bulldogs will be looking to match up and pull off a big division win down the road.

“The biggest thing for me is just the competitive factor,” said Van Pran. “All eyes on you, everyone’s really loud with the ‘rah-rah’ and all that. Everyone gets the best shots, so for me it means being able to handle that and still come out on top.”