Sam Hunt shares heartfelt memories in a nostalgic video from his hometown of Georgia

Sam Hunt debuted his latest song and shared a heartfelt music video full of home videos that capture small-town childhood. The country artist released “Start Nowhere” on Wednesday (November 23).

It’s Hunt’s latest track inspired by small town life. The Georgia-born singer-songwriter released “Water Under The Bridge,” a nostalgic anthem he wrote with, over the summer Chris LaCorte, Shane McAnallyand Josh Osborne According to a previously released press release introducing the song, it is intended to serve as “a fun, fast-paced trip down memory lane with lyrics and tunes that reflect the carefree days of youth.”

“When you grow up in a small town, you love where you come from, you are where you come from, and you answer the call of adventure when you turn 18 and head out into the big wide world,” Hunt said on an Instagram Post when he released “Start Nowhere” on Wednesday. “If you stay away too long without coming home, you can lose touch a bit. Sometimes the only way to get down to earth is to go back to where you grew up. Where you grew up climbing magnolia trees, catching tadpoles and lizards, and fighting pinecone wars with your brothers. Where you spent hours and hours running around the woods with your first .22 long rifle, wearing your grandfather’s hunting jacket and smoke-smelling Quail Unlimited hat.

“You go back to the house and your grandmother makes you a ham sandwich before you collapse in the chair and watch a little bit of soap opera with her…something ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ or ‘Days of Our Lives.'” His post went on . “Then you grab a fishing rod and head down to the lake to see if the perch hit the water before it gets too dark. For Christmas, you can get a mustang mare named Comanche and her saddle and bridle for $600. You drive her all over Miller Mountain every day after school. You start driving yourself home from soccer practice and eat enough from your mom’s kitchen to feed a small army. You’re trying to figure out how not to be awkward around girls. Go through your first breakup. Before you go to college, you stop by your local pawn shop, buy a guitar, and start writing songs about it. A few songs turned into more songs and somehow by the grace of God these songs give you the opportunity to travel across the country and have the time of your life with some of the best guys you know. But you look up one day and up is down and down is up. You realize you’ve been gone too long and the only way to calm down is to return home. That’s what this song is about. Go home”

Listen to Start Nowhere here: