The ESPN College GameDay crew discusses wild college football playoff scenarios for SEC teams

Although the College Football Playoffs will expand to 12 teams in the future, only four teams will make it this year. But the top of the CFP Rankings are packed, and some interesting scenarios could emerge.

The ESPN College GameDay crew discussed exactly this topic, including a wild scenario. if LSU and Tennessee Run the table and TCU loses, could the SEC bring three teams into the CFP?

It’s certainly possible.

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Yes, the potential is there for three SEC teams to crack the field. In this week’s ranking Georgia was the only SEC team in the top four, but Tennessee came in at No. 5 and LSU at No. 6. It’s also worth noting State of Ohio and Michigan were No. 2 and No. 3 respectively, which means their game will likely knock out one of them next week. Based on this week’s rankings, that would push Tennessee into the top 4.

Then there’s the undefeated TCU. If the Horned Frogs lose either of their two remaining games, it would open the door for LSU to potentially slide up with Tennessee. But it’s worth noting that Tennessee defeated LSU earlier this year.

“This is Armageddon,” said ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit. “If LSU led the table — which of course would include beating Alabama and Georgia and being the SEC champion — Georgia will still go to the playoffs, we know that. It would be a discussion between LSU and Tennessee.

“Tennessee beat LSU, and then LSU sits there as the SEC champion. You would include all three at this point because you would be championing LSU, that’s for sure.

This is not the first time that the CFP Committee has encountered such a situation. 2016, Pennsylvania defeated Ohio State in the regular season to win the Big Ten championship. However, the one-loss Buckeyes got into the CFP via the two-loss Nittany Lions.

Chris “Bear” Fallica pointed this out, and in this case, if the Tigers beat Georgia in the SEC championship, LSU would be in Penn State’s position.

“We’ve seen this before. We saw that in 2016. Now it’s the other way around,” Fallica said. “In 2016 Penn State beat Ohio State and they had two losses. Now you have the team with the one defeat. It was Tennessee going to Baton Rouge, winning by four touchdowns, playing non-conference against a power-five team, his only loss is to Georgia, they beat Alabama.

“I think Tennessee is in. They win two games, they’re in.”

The next three weeks will get really interesting ahead of the selection show, which takes place December 4th at 12pm ET on ESPN.