Tortured pit bull found zipper along Georgia road

Jackson County animal control officials say they are in the early stages of investigating a horrific dog abuse case. The dog in the center was so badly injured that he required emergency surgery within hours of being found.

Officials at the Northeast Georgia Humane Society called it one of the worst cases of animal cruelty they have seen. The details they provide in this article are extremely disturbing.

The pit bull mix, now renamed the Nelson, was found about 10 minutes from the Jackson County Animal Control Shelter with a zip tie around his genitals and in excruciating pain.

“I can’t come to terms with this… I can’t even imagine how anyone would consider doing this to an animal,” CEO Allison Mayfield said in an interview Tuesday.

According to Mayfield, a concerned citizen spotted Nelson along Academy Church Road in Jefferson on November 2.

“They found him on the side of the road and realized very quickly that he was in a lot of pain,” Mayfield said.

Mayfield said county officials considered euthanizing the pup because of the pain from the zip tie wrapped so tightly around Nelson’s genitals. However, they called the humane society, who then offered to take him in. She said they took Nelson to the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine, where he underwent surgery.

“If you can think of a full abdominal surgery, that’s basically what they did and rerouted his urethra,” she explained.

Now, two weeks later, Nelson is cured and being cared for by a foster parent through the Humane Society Animal Shelter.

During the Humane Society’s Season of Saves initiative, Mayfield said they want to highlight the urgent need for donations to give animals like Nelson the help they need.

“Cruelty to animals does exist, and it exists in a very traumatic and real form that is beyond what some of us can imagine,” she said. “My vision for a humane society is that we never have to say no to an animal like Nelson.”

She said they hope to find him a permanent home soon.

They also hope to find the person responsible for his injuries. Animal control officials said they currently have no leads as to who may have done so. Investigators are asking anyone with leads to contact them.

Anyone interested in donating or adopting to the Humane Society of North Georgia can find more information by clicking here.