🌱 Award-winning mystery series writer + baby bunny rescued + events

Hello again everyone! It’s Paula Constance, your Bedford Daily anchor. Let’s start this Saturday with a quick look at everything happening in Bedford today, including updates on:

  • New York Times Bestselling Author with Bedford ties.
  • Animal Rescue League Help the rabbits of the lake region.
  • events happening in town this weekend.

But first today’s weather:

Airy in the morning. High: 50 Low: 33.

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Here are today’s top stories from Bedford:

  1. Award-winning author, novelist and poet, Carrie Jones of Bar Harbor, originally from Bedford, wrote the Need series, the Time Stoppers series and the standalone book Girl, Hero. among many other famous works. The New York Times bestselling author also recently launched a crime series based in Bar Harbor. Learn more about the author and the books she writes here: Mount Desert Islander)
  2. Concerned Lake District residents contacted NH’s Animal Rescue League about a group of rabbits that have been roaming the area since spring. Maureen Prendergast, Director of Outreach & Investigations, traveled to the Lakes region earlier this week and “brought six adult and five baby rabbits to the safety of the ARLNH.” The baby bunnies won’t be available for adoption “for several weeks,” the ARLNH said in a recent post, but you’ll find plenty of equally adorable bunnies hopping (and hoping) to new homes. (Animal Rescue League of NH via Facebook)
  3. What’s happening in Bedford this weekend? Choose a DIY project at The Canvass Road Show at 6:30pm, 25 South River Road; See The Wizard of Oz at Bedford High School, Aug. 26-27. November, 47 Nashua Rd; or go to a love and hike date for couples (self-directed) at Pulpit Rock, June 26-26. November, 7 a.m., 596 New Boston Road. Find out more here: (Google Events)

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Now you’re in the loop and ready to hit the road this Saturday! See you soon with another update.

Paula Constance

About me: Paula is a writer, author and award-winning media producer. She is committed to media projects that empower, engage and help make the world a better place. When she’s not writing, she can be found hiking or watching fireflies in the muggy moments before sunset. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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