Dennis Collins steals this extremely rare 1968 Shelby Mustang from Richard Rawlings

Automotive YouTuber Dennis Collins’ latest video is an opportunity to meet up with his longtime friend and auto entrepreneur Richard Rawlings to pursue a super rare “Playboy” Shelby Cobra from 1968.

But Collins uses his vast knowledge of these Ford Mustangs to take advantage of the situation, much to Rawlings’ chagrin.

Meanwhile, a separate trip to New England earns a second 1968 Shelby for Collins, moving his total of these classic cars double digits by 2022.

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Another transaction by Dennis Collins and Richard Rawlings

Never missing an opportunity to purchase another Shelby, Collins heads to Rawlings’ Gas Monkey garage to see a one-of-a-kind 1968 Shelby convertible.

But before the two get down to business, viewers see Rawling’s latest acquisition, an epic 1970 Plymouth Superbird that he’s been trying to buy for a long time. There’s also a look at a 1974 Lamborghini Jarama that was part of the same buying tour.

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Dennis Collins has a surprise for Richard Rawlings

A Raven Black 1968 Shelby Cobra GT350 Convertible
Via: YouTube via Dennis Collins

Conversation quickly turns to the 1968 Shelby GT350 Convertible, a vehicle that has only been in Rawlings’ garage for a few hours. Collins reports that only about 1,450 GT350s were built in 1968 and only 404 left the factory as rags.

Still, only 79 of these convertibles were delivered in Raven Black livery, confirming the car’s rare credentials.

And a handshake means Collins is adding another Shelby to his collection, but Rawlings suspects he may have come up short. His suspicions are confirmed when Collins reveals that the car was one of ten Shelbys owned by Playboy Enterprises as a touring vehicle to promote the company’s men’s magazine.

Further details reveal that it was the only black man in the group; real or fake, Rawlings’ disappointment is obvious.

A field-find Shelby with a lot of work to do

A lime green metallic 1968 Shelby GT500KR in sorry condition
Via: YouTube via Dennis Collins

The beginning of the video involves a trip to New Hampshire to acquire another Shelby Cobra, but this Ford serves as the opposite bookend to the car Rawlings received. Not only is this 1968 GT500KR dug up to the axles, but 35 years of inactivity has left this 1968 GT500KR in a sorry state.

Collins says bringing it back to life will be a “really tough” restoration project. But the upcoming efforts aren’t stopping him from sealing the deal.

However, this classic still has a lot to like, starting with the lime green metallic color. On the mechanical side, a 428 Cobra Jet engine sits under the hood, accompanied by factory power steering and power brakes.

Source: Youtube/Dennis Collins