Favorite family recipes and the stories that make them unforgettable

All Things We’re Cooking is a series featuring kitchen gems from you, our readers and listeners, and the special stories behind them. We’ll continue to share more of your recipes throughout the holiday season.


When preparing Thanksgiving dressing, Grandma Monnette had a simple rule

Instead of stuffing the turkey, Rebecca Monnette made dressing balls with a few simple ingredients that are sure to cook without the bird. Her grandson carries on the tradition.

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She loved Mama’s Picadillo but never got the recipe. TikTok pushed her to get creative

After the death of her mother, Miriam Piccolo used tips from her aunts to create a dish that tasted like home for her. Coming home from school for that meal meant her mother was thinking of her.

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Friends and family flip these krumkake cookies

Lisa Hovis learned to bake these traditional Norwegian cookies by baking with her grandmother. The recipe and good memories remain.

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The “human cannonball” is gone, but his lasagna recipe lives on

A circus performer known for getting shot out of a cannon liked to cook dinner for the people he worked with. One of them still makes his inspired lasagna today, and it has some surprising ingredients.

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It took clever thinking to pen a recipe for this Irish soda bread, a family favorite

Maureen O’Reilly wanted to make the treat for her husband, but first she had to watch his grandmother do it – measuring each ingredient instead of just staring at them with her eyes.

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Her husband’s love of crispy prosciutto transformed a green bean casserole

Parmesan cheese and panko breadcrumbs complete this dish. Just don’t expect cream of mushroom soup or fried onions in this twist on a traditional recipe.

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All Things We’re Cooking is a series highlighting family recipes that hold special meaning to you, our readers and listeners. Earlier this year, we asked you to share your most treasured recipes and why these dishes evoke such fond family memories. Working with NPR member stations, we received responses from across the country. We’ve interviewed some of the contributors and will be sharing their stories throughout the holiday season. All recipes and photos were provided by NPR audience members.

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