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NEW CITY, NY, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After spending over 21 weeks alongside blockbusters such as Top Gun: Maverick, Jurassic Dominion, Dr. Strange and Elvis hit theaters, Archway Pictures’ LOVE IN KILNERRY is finally available for sale/rent. It is the longest-running comedy in North America in 2022, according to Box Office information. It ranked the 11th comedy in the country on digital platforms in its first week of sales and 15th on Rotten Tomatoes in its second week.

The story follows the elderly residents of this small remote town who panic when the EPA announces mandatory changes to their chemical plant that manufactured a compound used in dog shampoo could dramatically increase their libido. The Sheriff, played by Daniel Keith (writer, producer, director), tries to maintain order and decency, but chaos ensues. Keith says he loved the Irish and British dramas and comedies of the 90’s and early 2000’s like Waking Ned Devine, The Full Monty, Love Actually and Billy Elliot and wanted to keep it in a similar vein. He hired John Wilson (Billy Elliot, Downton Abbey) to edit the film and Randy Edelman (Last of the Mohicans) to write an original score and perform. Company 3 (A Star is Born) helped give the film its ’90s rom-com look.

Keith had originally written the story as a play, which was edited in front of an audience for a year, when he was advised by a producer of the Tony-winning Broadway musical and film ONCE to adapt the story into a screenplay. To save money, he Americanized it to take place in Kilnerry, New Hampshire (a fictional town). Keith raised $1.2 million and took his crew to Portsmouth, NH to shoot the film. On 9 April 2022, Portsmouth Mayor Deaglan McEachern signed an official decree renaming the city Kilnerry for “Kilnerry Day” every 9 April. A day when businesses change their names and thousands of New Hampshire residents see the film at the Music Hall, shop and participate in celebrations. As a result, Kilnerry, NH can now be found on Google Maps.

In 2021, Keith made 54 GIFs from the film that he uploaded to These gifs have been used over 125 million times on social media and smartphones worldwide. Metaskye, a company developing Web3 tools aimed at democratizing the internet through cryptocurrency and NFTs, has partnered with Keith’s production company Archway Pictures to release 10,000 Love in Kilnerry NFTs and cryptocurrency on November 17th.

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DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, WRITER, STAR – DANIEL KEITH – Daniel Keith was born and raised in Bedford, Texas. As a child, he performed in drama troupes and was the lead singer/songwriter for the band Modakai. He studied Liberal Arts at the University of North Texas before enrolling at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York City, Circle in the Square Theater School, Atlantic Theater, Magnet Theater and studying at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London in 2021 . In 2013, his first short film, Rambler, won multiple Best Actor awards, which saw him appear in Person of Interest (NBC), Blacklist (NBC), Blindspot (CBS) and Marvel’s Luke Cage (Netflix). landed.

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