Five Minute Women receive NFHCA Northeast All-Region Honors

GENEVA, NY – Four members of the University of Massachusetts field hockey team have been named to all-region teams of the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA), the organization announced Tuesday. Senior midfielder jess beech and newly minted midfielder Mali Herbertold earned first-team spots while he was a junior defender/midfielder Claire Danahymain defender Josie Rossbachand freshman goalkeeper Myrtle van Herwijnen were designated as the second team.

Prior to the announcement of the NFHCA All-Region teams, Beech and van Herwijnen were named to the Atlantic 10 First-Team All-Conference, while Danahy, Herberhold and Rossbach were named to the Second-Team All-Conference. Additionally, Herberhold was named Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Year and named to the Conference All-Rookie Team. Buche and Roßbach were also recognized for their academic achievements by being named to the All-Academic Team.

Beech led the Minutewomen in goals this season, having scored eight and three assists for a total of 19 points during the season. Meanwhile, Herberhold has excelled this season with 23 points, seven goals and nine assists, after also having 35 shots on target. Danahy finished the season No. 15 on the Atlantic 10 in goals with six and No. 19 in points with 14. Rossbach finished the season No. 8 on the Atlantic 10 in defensive saves with one save.

In the cage, van Herwijnen started all 20 games, recording 1.605 goals against average and a conference best of 0.733 percent. She recorded 85 saves from 200 shots and had three total shutouts during the season.

The NFHCA Division I All-Region team announcement is the first in a list of postseason awards to be presented by the NFHCA over the next few weeks. Next, the NFHCA Regional Players of the Year will be announced on November 30th, followed by the NFHCA All-American Teams on December 13th and the NFHCA National Player of the Year on December 15th.

NFHCA Northeast All-Region Awards • Click here for the comprehensive list in all regions

Northeast Region First Team
Alison Smisdom, University at Albany (Defender/Midfielder)
Bronte-May Brough, Harvard University (defender)
Chloe Walton, University of Maine (forward)
Ellie Shahbo, Harvard University (goalkeeper)
Floor de Ruijter, University at Albany (midfielder)
Jenna Berger, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (midfielder)

jess beechUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst (midfielder)
Kitty Chapple, Harvard University (midfielder)
Lucy Adams, Brown University (midfielder)
Makayla Graves, Northeastern University (midfielder)

Mali HerbertoldUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst (midfielder)
Margo Carlin, Boston College (Forward)
Payton Anderson, Boston University (defender)
Poppy Lambert, University of Maine (defender)
Sarah Johnson, Boston College (midfielder)
Tasmin Cookman, University of New Hampshire (Forward)

Second Team of the Northeast Region
Alina Gerke, University of Vermont (midfielder)
Alissa de Vries, University of Massachusetts, Lowell (defense attorney)
Bronwyn Bird, Dartmouth College (midfielder)

Claire DanahyUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst (defender/midfielder)
Emily Guckian, Harvard University (midfielder)
Emmy Stubbs, Northeastern University (Forward)
Hannah Mangan, University at Albany (goalkeeper)

Josie RossbachUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst (defender)
Julie Rodijk, University at Albany (defender/midfielder)
Lexi Pelligrino, Brown University (Forward)

Myrtle van HerwijnenUniversity of Massachusetts, Amherst (goalkeeper)
Nora Goddard-Despot, Providence College (midfielder)
Rachel Borzymowski, Boston University (defender)
Sophia Drees, University of Vermont (midfielder)
Tamera Cookman, University of New Hampshire (midfielder)
Thalia Steenssens, Boston University (midfielder)