Former Seacoast con man sent back to Alabama jail for 54 months

MOBILE, AL – A former New Hampshire criminal convicted of multiple counts after incidents on the coast and central part of the state has been retried in US District Court and jailed on new charges including bank fraud and aggravated identity theft plugged in .

Ramie Renee Marston, 54, of Knoxville, Tennessee, was convicted of the charges in April and sentenced to 54 months in prison. According to investigators, Marston was previously convicted and sentenced to prison on a variety of federal felony fraud convictions in New Hampshire — including access device fraud, ID card fraud, misrepresentation of a Social Security number and bankruptcy fraud. After being released from New Hampshire prison in August 2018, she married Robert Alan Peters, a convicted armed bank robber and felon who owned a firearm in Oregon after moving to Alabama.

Three days after their release from prison, Marston and Peters visited a Regions Bank branch in Tillman’s Corner, Alabama, opened two new accounts, and used fraudulent checks to fund the accounts.

“Marston admitted that she knew the checks used to open the accounts were fraudulent and contained inaccurate and invalid account numbers,” said US Attorney Sean P. Costello of the Southern District of Alabama. “Marston and Peters later withdrew money from the accounts, causing the bank to incur a loss.”

Marston and Peters were caught on bank surveillance video opening the accounts.

About four months later, Marston applied to Sallie Mae for a student loan to attend Remington College in Mobile, AL. She entered a co-signer on the application without that person’s knowledge or permission.

After serving her sentence, Marston will be released under supervision for five years. During this time, she will undergo substance abuse testing and treatment, mental health evaluation and treatment, and be subject to credit restrictions. She was also asked to pay back $12,858.35 for victim compensation.

Marston was arrested again for a bad check and convicted in 2011. She was released from prison in 2014.

In 2016, she was prosecuted by the US Marshals Service for a federal release violation following a bank fraud case. She was arrested in Corryton, TN.

Marston was also arrested in Windham in September 2017 for writing bad checks. She was also charged in December 2017 with two counterfeiting charges following incidents at Merrimack in October 2016. She was arraigned on the charges and pleaded guilty in November 2018.

Marston’s sentence of a minimum of two years and a maximum of four years was suspended.

Marston’s previous cases were covered extensively by, leading to her suing the Portsmouth Herald website and her former reporter, Elizabeth Dinan, in July 2011. The case was later dismissed. In January 2019, she filed another lawsuit against Dinan, which was also dismissed.