NH Executive Council Election Shows Manipulated Injustice: Letters

The results of the Executive Council elections show the injustice of the manipulation

Nov. 12 — To the Editor:

The recent election results for the New Hampshire Executive Council paint a perfect picture of how manipulation has distorted our representation. Republicans took four of the five seats, but given the total number of votes cast, that shouldn’t have happened. Statewide, Republicans won 301,723 votes and Democrats cast 303,223 votes. So the Democrats cast more votes overall, but only won 20% of the Council. With a fair distribution of votes, one would expect an extra seat or two to go to the Democrats. Republican maneuvering filled Warmington’s district with Democratic strongholds (she won by 20 points), leaving fewer Democrats spread across the remaining districts.

An attempt to get an impartial redisting commission to draw the districts (fairly) was opposed by Governor Chris Sununu. So he got his Executive Council stamp and the voters were cheated.

Allen Norelli


Whether my skin is thick or thin, I inspire bigotry

Nov. 12 — To the Editor:

I am pleased to read that T. Stephen McCarthy found my letter interesting, but I am afraid that he has misunderstood my position and therefore feels the need to clarify it.

I firmly believe that everyone has the right to express their opinion. And if Mr Brighton had written that he thought the councilor was stupid, or dishonest, or ugly, or stinky, or some other banal, insulting adjective, I’d disagree, but I wouldn’t mind.