NH’s key defenders point to state law after Biden urges South Carolina to vote first in 2024

The introduction of his preferred primary election calendar by President Joe Biden, which would make South Carolina the first state to vote in the 2024 Democratic presidential primary and move New Hampshire’s primary date by a week to the same day Nevada would vote , is a political upheaval in the state elites.

While the full outcome of Biden’s proposal — which has yet to be approved by the entire DNC — remains a bit murky, it’s already clear how defenders of New Hampshire’s status plan to keep the state first anyway.

“I feel like the President of the United States has made a very bold statement about his vision for this country — the importance of diversity,” Joanne Dowdell, a New Hampshire DNC member, noted Friday as a party official about Biden’s plan discussed the reorganization of the early state primaries.

“I will say, however, that New Hampshire has a statute,” Dowdell continued. “We have a law and we will not break our law.”

The law Dowdell was referring to dates back to the mid-1970s and requires that the New Hampshire presidential primary be held at least a week before all other states. And on Friday, the same sentiment could be heard on radio broadcasts all morning, in clearer tones. .

“The Democratic Party does not decide when the New Hampshire Democratic primary is held. We’ll go first,” Gov. Chris Sununu noted on Binnie Media’s Good Morning, New Hampshire.

“No matter what the Democrats think they’re doing, it’s a national conversation and a bipartisan conversation and you’re never going to make any meaningful change without everyone around the table at the same time, and we have the needle in the grenade in the form of a state one.” law,” Scott Spradling, a former WMUR reporter turned public relations man, told WGIR’s New Hampshire Today.

You could hear the same point, less provocatively phrased, from the man in charge of administering the state’s elections.

“Well, we have the law that says the New Hampshire primary is held at least seven days before a similar nominating event. And we will obey the law,” Secretary of State David Scanlan said at the Statehouse.

Scanlan added that the news from Washington, while important to many in state politics, hasn’t changed the rhythm of his office.

“We’ve had some press inquiries, but that doesn’t interfere with our day-to-day activities,” Scanlan said

Any final vote changing the lineup of states with early voting by the entire Democratic National Committee is expected to occur next year.