Rep. Karen Reid pledges to support congressional term limits

November 18, 2022

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Rep. Karen Reid pledges to support congressional term limits

Hillsboro, New Hampshire – US Term Limits (USTL), the leader of the national, bipartisan movement to limit term limits for elected officials, is rallying support from state legislators across the country. His job is to get 34 states to enact a proposed amendment convention that specifically addresses term limits in Congress. New Hampshire State Assemblyman Karen Reid (Hillsborough 27) has pledged to support term limits in Congress by signing the Pledge to the Terms of Reference Convention.

Commenting on Reid’s promise, USTL President Philip Blumel said: “Karen’s sAdvocating term limits shows that there are individuals willing to listen to the majority of voters who want term limits. America needs a Congress run by citizen legislators, not professional politicians.”

The U.S. Term Grant is made available to candidates and members of the state legislature. It states, “I promise that as a member of the state Legislature, I will support, vote for and defend the resolution seeking an Article V Convention for the limited purpose of passing term limits in Congress.”

In the case of Thornton v. US Term Limits of 1995, the US Supreme Court held that only a constitutional amendment could limit the term of office of US Senators and Representatives of the House of Representatives. According to USTL executive director Nick Tomboulides, the best chance to impose term limits on Congress is through an Article V proposal convention of state legislatures.

“The Constitution allows for changes to be proposed by either 2/3 of Congress or 2/3 of the states. While we want Congress to go down the route of proposing term limits for itself, our goal is to trigger the latter, a national convention specifically for changing term limits,” claims Tomboulides. “That’s why it’s important to get support from state legislatures,” he added. According to the proposal, the amendment must be ratified by 38 states.

USTL Executive Director Philip Blumel noted, “More than 80% of Americans have rejected the career model and want to replace it with citizen leadership. The way to achieve this goal is through changing the term limits of Congress. Rep. Reid knows this and is willing to work to ensure we meet our goal.”

According to the most recent nationwide survey on term limits conducted by RMG Research, term limits enjoy broad bipartisan support. Rasmussen’s analysis states: “Support for term limits is broad and strong across all political, geographic, and demographic groups. An overwhelming 82% of voters support a constitutional amendment that imposes term limits on members of Congress.”

View Reid’s signed pledge here.


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