The American Craft Beer Guide to the Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes by State

The American craft beer guide to the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes by state

Online careers site Zippia has published a map of people’s favorite Thanksgiving pages by state. Their research wasn’t rocket science, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t stupid fun.

Zippia basically used Google keyword trends to find the favorite of 20+ traditional side dishes and foods that ranked #1

Important Findings

  • Mashed potatoes is the favorite of 10 states. (How come we’re not surprised?)
  • Just past Mashed Potatoes is Mac n’ Cheese (We would have thought stuffing.)
  • While most states are reaching for the carbs, Maine went with the side salad and we have to ask WTF?
  • The Midwest is all about casseroles, especially green bean casseroles.
  • In Alabama it’s not called stuffing, it’s called “dressing”.
  • Only New Hampshire is a big fan of cranberry sauce, even Massachusetts, where most cranberries are grown, went with the stuffing.
  • Cookies. Roll. crescent bun. Forget the fancy side dishes, hot bread rules!
  • 47 states opted for carbohydrates. Only 3 went with veggies and we bet these dishes are drenched in fat.

Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish by State

Federal State side
Alabama dressing
Alaska Hash Brown Casserole
Arizona Green bean casserole
Arkansas White sauce
California Mashed potatoes
Colorado Mashed potatoes
Connecticut Mashed potatoes
Delaware Macaroni and Cheese
District of Columbia Macaroni and Cheese
Florida Sweet Potato Casserole
Georgia Macaroni and Cheese
Hawaii turkey sauce
Idaho Green bean casserole
Illinois Mashed potatoes
Indiana devil eggs
Iowa Corn
Kansas cream corn
Kentucky broccoli pan
Louisiana Cornbread Dressing
Maine side salad
Maryland Macaroni and Cheese
Massachusetts filling
Michigan Green bean casserole
Minnesota Mashed potatoes
Mississippi backed sweetpotatoes
Missouri roll
Montana Mashed potatoes
Nebraska Green bean casserole
Nevada Mashed potatoes
New Hampshire cranberry sauce
New Jersey filling
New Mexico Green bean casserole
new York filling
North Carolina Macaroni and Cheese
North Dakota Mashed potatoes
Ohio Green bean casserole
Oklahoma roll
Oregon Cookies
Pennsylvania filling
Rhode Island filling
South Carolina Macaroni and Cheese
South Dakota crescent bun
Tennessee Sweet Potato Casserole
Texas Green bean casserole
Utah roll
Vermont filling
Virginia Macaroni and Cheese
Washington Mashed potatoes
West Virginia roll
Wisconsin Mashed potatoes
Wyoming Brown sauce


Happy Thanksgiving from the American Craft Beer Crew….Now back to the beer.