The North Hampton family honors mother’s legacy with Miracles from Mimi

STRATHAM — Kathy Megna was a stay-at-home mom who understood that one of the greatest gifts parents can give their children is a good education. So she worked tirelessly and volunteered at North Hampton School to help whenever extra effort was needed.

Her model, known to family and friends as Mimi, forms the basis of a new educational foundation for the greater Seacoast region. Founded in March by her eldest son, Mike, Miracles from Mimi is her family’s tribute to the mother she lost to a two-year battle with breast cancer last year.

“I’m one of four; There’s my sisters Allie and Molly and my younger brother Luke,” said Mike Megna, who now lives in Stratham. “We all grew up in North Hampton and attended North Hampton School. My mother’s entire life was dedicated to children and their community. She was very involved in school.”

As North Hampton School expanded, Mimi Megna took over the fundraising. When the kids needed an outdoor playground, she was there again, as was Megna’s father, Mike, who used his building experience to coordinate the build.

When she died in 2021 at the age of 59, the family was devastated. But through their example, the family hopes to continue their work in schools across the Greater Seacoast, offering programs through Miracles of Mimi to inspire children to think.