These cute puppies are heroes too and have the biggest hearts

Babies and puppies have to be the most adorable little critters on the planet.

While at the Sig Sauer Experience Center in Epping, New Hampshire, it was the pups that stole my heart that day.

The four little black labs were only 7 weeks old and so soft. They are part of the New Hampshire based non-profit organization “Hero Pups” in Stratham.

Hero pups via Facebook

Hero pups via Facebook

The organization is an all-volunteer group and provides service dogs free of charge to eligible veterans and first responders in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts, according to

These adorable support pups are given to “veterans and first responders who have been diagnosed with service-related psychological issues,” according to the website. The puppies really help put the owners at ease.

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Here are a few quotes from Hero Pup recipients via

My Hero Pup is like a really affordable, really hairy therapist! I tell my dog ​​things I don’t even tell my wife.

– Jeff Prince, Chronicle

Over the past few months, our Hero Pup has been a great companion. She doesn’t judge, she doesn’t care, it’s unconditional. She doesn’t care where I’ve been or what I’ve done. She is a gentle giant.

-Hero Pup Receiver

These comfort dogs are so important that law enforcement will take on a hero pup as part of their team.

Salem, New Hampshire Police Department and Strafford Country Sheriff’s Department are the two latest teams to add a hero pup to their ranks.

Laura Barker is the founder of Hero Pups. She founded the nonprofit organization after her son returned who had been wounded in Afghanistan. Puppies are found through animal shelters and breeders who donate the young puppies. The younger they start training, the better.

Shawn Olsten WOKQ

Shawn Olsten WOKQ

Recently, the fundraising program at the Sig Sauer Experience Center in Epping, NH raised $2,500 for Hero Pups who wanted to help their neighbors in Stratham.

If you would like to get involved by donating, volunteering, or hosting a fundraiser, visit Beware, you will fall in love with these loving puppies.

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