Is Blake Corum injured? Michigan is running back and sees little benefit against Ohio State

One of Michigan’s best offensive weapons was relegated to the touchline against Ohio State after suffering an injury in last week’s game against Illinois.

Running back Blake Corum, who has 245 rushes for 1,457 yards and 18 touchdowns this season, played sparingly in a massive No. 2 vs. No. 3 game against the Buckeyes, with both teams playing Big Ten and college football Playoff ramifications came.

Corum left the first half of the Week 12 game against Illinois with an apparent knee injury but returned briefly in the second half for a lone carry. However, he did not return to playing after that game, raising questions about whether he would be able to play against the Buckeyes.

On Saturday, Fox Sports’ Tom Rinaldi reported that Corum was set to start against Ohio State, though ESPN’s Pete Thamel reported he wasn’t 100 percent. The latter added that “the number of transmissions he will receive and his overall effectiveness when he gets the ball are questions that linger about his return.”

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Here’s everything you need to know about Corum’s status during the Ohio State game, as well as his use in “The Game”:

Is Blake Corum injured?

According to Fox’s “Big Noon Kickoff” show, Corum “can’t get hurt anymore” if he plays Ohio State. However, several reports suggested that Corum’s use would be based on its effectiveness against the horse chestnuts.

Regardless, Michigan seemed intent on allowing Corum to test his knee against Ohio State as he was seen fully clothed, including warm-ups, ahead of the game:

Corum got the start for Michigan, running twice for 6 yards on the team’s first field goal drive. His first run was the Wolverines’ second game from scrimmage, a four-yard gain to the Wolverines’ 29-yard line.

Two games later, he had a 2-yard rush to first-and-10 and got the ball to the Michigan 43. He didn’t appear in play for the rest of the first half as Michigan finally went into halftime with Ohio State trailing 20 -17

John Niyo of the Detroit News later reported that Corum did not attend halftime practice for the running back squad:

Corum could potentially return to the lineup if needed, but it seems Michigan will be looking to win their second straight game against Ohio State without Corum.